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About Vikroon Systems

Vikroon System provides Innovative IT Infrastructure Solutions, technologies, and consulting services." Today’s rapidly changing business environments and mounting competitive pressures require IT infrastructures to also adapt in order to incorporate new technology, new processes, meet new regulations or adjust to changing relationships with available vendors and partners.

Business leaders often find themselves at crossroads where they quickly need to evaluate the situation and determine the most optimal solutions for their business.
Vikroon Systems is uniquely qualified to independently evaluate, recommend, plan, and implement the most optimal solution to ensure our customers keep their competitive edge.

About Vikroon

Vikroon Systems helps its clients set technology and product strategy. Additionally, Vikroon helps design and develop relevant products and/or create new markets. It advises and guides them in making technology evaluation and in build-or-buy decisions; establishing the necessary infrastructure; providing professional services in both implementation and post sales support; and developing sales channels through partnerships with resellers and channel partners.

The core leadership team of Vikroon System brings a combined 150+ years of experience in designing, marketing, and selling Sun Microsystems, HP, and other platforms used in a range of applications, including mission-critical business infrastructures, solutions, and associated software. The leadership team also has deep rooted experience in Cloud Computing and Mobile (iPhone, Android) application development. The company has an experienced engineering team with variety of deep skills in different technologies and architectures to deliver on various services.

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