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Early Stage Startups Consulting

Vikroon Systems offers a comprehensive set of services to help early stage ventures. Despite having very capable and mature engineering and management teams on board, many startups struggle because often the market is not ready for the new product or the company is underfunded. Vikroon Systems leadership brings years of experience in mentoring and advising early-stage startups.

  • Early Stage Startup Services
  • The rapid pace at which the information technology industry is advancing warrants startups to launch products early and launch them often without compromising quality and customer satisfaction. This requires team maturity, sufficient funding, understanding market trends, and proven experience in product development. Vikroon Systems works with startups in the areas of business and product strategy development;fund raising through Angels and VCs; team building; leadership mentoring; establishing partnerships; customer introductions and engagements; product development and developing go-to-marker services. Vikroon Systems has provided consulting services to over 10 early stage startups in the areas of data center infrastructure and management and cloud delivered services. Some of these have reached revenues of $60M in a span of 4 years.

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